Hello, the content of this site is provided by the all about talent team.

We try to offer on a reasonably regular basis articles that we hope you find interesting and useful.

The Leadership toolbox is based on a multiplicity of papers and learning products produced over many years. We hope it provides a useful aide memoir for the working manager and student of management.

You can find in-depth discussions in Managing in the Media, although the book focuses on the media industry there is much for the manager in any industry.

We present other topics to keep you up to date with our work and to share comments on issues that impact on people in the workplace.

We hope you find this worth looking at and even better worth responding to.

‘Hiring for diversity, once a legal matter for compliance, has become a matter of economic survival because creativity comes in all colours, genders and personal preferences’ Richard Florida

Our website www.allabouttalent.biz  tells you more about our services and our PeopleMAX index  management and benchmarking tool.

We also have a website www.alllabouttalent.biz do have a look.

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