Can you measure creativity?

It’s been suggested that to survive in the modern economy we need to be creative. Have you ever tried to measure it? If it gets measured does it get done?

Maybe part of the problem is that creativity is a much over used word. It has been applied to the efforts of the artist and to the accountant helping to reduce a tax liability. Sometimes it has been used interchangeably with innovation and glibly by those who wish to spice up their CV with throw away lines:  ‘I’m a creative  and forward thinking person’

Others have argued that there is potential for creativity in even the most routine tasks on the factory floor.  Perhaps, but for the worker this may be a very small compensation for a dull repetitive task. Hardly an evocation of Maslow’s self actualisation at the pinnacle of his hierarchy of needs.

Although many academic and business theorists have tried to explain it by example and ‘we know it when we see it. However, it is probably the psychologists who have tried to capture some measurable attributes to codify the various dimensions or components that define the creative individual. These together could make up a creative quotient. More to follow…

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