The PeopleMAX Index Guidebook

In developing the PeopleMAX index our aim was to create a clear and easy to use management tool that not only provides you with significant information on your progress to creating a skilled, diverse and engaged workforce but also one which is of practical use by providing guidance and indications for how to further improve performance.

The guidebook provides the route map to that performance improvement

Signed up all about talent users can see it here:-

For readers of this blog, here is an overview of the PMi Guidebook

The guidebook is a companion to the on-line self-evaluation tool.


  • Contains more-detailed definitions and examples of performance across each of the strands within the two maturity models – /include and/develop
  • Gives examples of what is required in each strand to move from None through Base and onto Medium and High levels.

For each strand the guidebook has material on:

  • Typical activities:-

Here we suggest the sort of activities that take place at this level. You should look above and below this level to validate your own evaluation. This evidence is what an external evaluator would look for in assessing your performance

  • How to move to the next level:-

We set out the range of actions that will start or continue the performance improvement journey. It’s not a prescriptive list of formal steps but suggests a logical progression route to reach the next level. We do suggest that for those at the start of the journey some external help may be needed.

  • All about talent insights:-

Here we set out our thoughts on working at this level, what it means for the organisation, the people responsible for Training, Inclusion & Diversity and most of all the people in the organisation. Where appropriate we draw the reader’s attention to the benefits and risks of occupying each level

  • Links and Reference material:-

For each of the 23 strands we give access to external resources by links or useful documents.

Click here for a Word sample slice of the guidebook

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