Develop the business

This focuses on the entrepreneurial spirit.

It considers how to identify, evaluate, select, and actively pursue opportunities to increase the revenues of the business, from the acquisition of new businesses/assets, the development of new products and services through to initiatives to increase market share and/or unit price of the existing portfolio.

  • Identify opportunities
  • Promote Group capabilities and initiate relationships
  • Screen opportunities
  • Evaluate opportunities
  • Develop and resource opportunities
  • Execute acquisitions
  • Develop new products and services
  • Incorporate the opportunity into the business (make it happen)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The set of tools outlined here considers models of creativity and innovation that lead to the role of the entrepreneur.

This is without doubt the hot topic in management – how can we grow the business? This leads to considering creativity and innovation. Because it is to vital to organisational survival and development there are many resources to encourage new ways of working; to break out of what has been called single loop thinking to double loop.

So, we provide a list of links to those resources with some commentary on their potential use.